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Set of 1 bottle of Burleighs Distiller's Cut Gin and 6 bottles of Fever-Tree Indian tonic water.

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Burleighs Distiller's Cut Gin & Fever-Tree Indian

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      Burleighs Distiller?s Cut Gin is an exceptionally crisp and fresh gin that showcases our Master Distiller?s craft. Using the same 11 botanicals as our Signature Gin in a different ratio, Jamie, has created Distiller?s Cut with a higher proportion of softer, sweeter, more floral ingredients making it perfectly suited to cocktails such as the Martinez (his...

      42,90 €
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      By blending fabulous botanical oils with spring water and the highest quality quinine from the 'fever trees' of the Eastern Congo, we have created a delicious, natural, award winning tonic with a uniquely clean and refreshing taste and aroma. Designed to enhance the very best gins or vodkas.

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