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Blue Gin

The first two distillation processes in the production of BLUE GIN are exceptional. In small copper bubbles of 300 liters, the valuable raw material is processed in the so-called "Pot-Still" process for the first raw firing with 40% vol. Of alcohol. This process is considered to be one of the most careful, since no overheating occurs. The "Mulan" wheat cultivar, which grows on Upper Austrian fields, serves as basic raw material. The second process, the fine firing with 84% vol. Already meets all the high quality requirements of BLUE GIN. In the case of "maceration" the aromas are carefully removed, not altered and authentically preserved in the fine grain alcohol. The otherwise volatile aromas and the cereal alcohol are thereby obtained in a higher concentration. The BLUE GIN is a high-quality prepress.

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Blue Gin Vintage 2009

70cl | 43.0%

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Alcohol content43.0%
Country of OriginAustria